Where do we start?

I usually suggest a short introduction chat, which is free of charge, to discuss your needs and objectives and my way of working. If there’s a good fit, we then agree the framework of the coaching relationship.

How many sessions should I have? How frequently? How long is each session?

The coaching schedule is customised for your purposes, depending on your objective/s, as well as your availability and general preferences.


I don’t require a minimum number of sessions, but I’d suggest you commit to at least 3 so that we have enough time to explore issues thoroughly, review progress, and establish new patterns. Many clients like to sign up for 10 sessions at a time, or they schedule regular sessions on an ongoing basis. 


If you’re dealing with a specific, time-sensitive issue, you might want to arrange some weekly sessions of 60-75 minutes, or even a longer ‘workshop’ session (2-3 hours). For longer-term issues, involving bigger questions and personal transformation, you may get more value from sessions held once a fortnight for 90 minutes. The length and frequency can also vary as you get further into the process, e.g. a more intensive initial period of coaching, followed by shorter and/or less frequent ‘ongoing support’ or check-in sessions. 

Where/how do the coaching sessions take place?

I offer in-person coaching sessions, either at my home in Brighton & Hove (South England), at your home, at your office or another suitable location. Alternatively, we can talk by phone or Skype.

What are the fees and terms?

I charge £60 for 1 hour, or £80 for 1.5 hours. Fees for longer sessions can be quoted on request. I may add a small surcharge for significant travel time if meeting at your home or office. Payments are made by cash, cheque or bank transfer in advance of, or immediately after each session. Discounts are available with advance payment for multiple (10+) sessions.


If you need to reschedule a session, please do so at least 24 hours in advance or you will be liable for 50% of the cost.

What else do I need to know?

Bring a pen and paper to your coaching sessions so that you can jot down key points and agreed actions. It’s also useful to spend a bit of time beforehand thinking about any current issues you would like to discuss, as well as progress made or challenges faced since the previous session.


To help this process, I may suggest 1 or 2 simple ‘homework’ exercises for you to complete or think about in between our sessions.