Client questions

Client questions

I work with a range of clients – including senior managers, recent graduates, small business creators, mindfulness explorers and anyone else struggling with difficult experiences – across the UK and internationally.


Work with me to navigate more effectively through challenge, choice and change. For example:

  • Finding more balance and integration in your work/life;
  • Resolving/healing inner experiences: Anxiety, overwhelm, anger, grief, low self-worth, languishing, ‘stuckness’;
  • Navigating transitions, e.g. review/re-engage at ‘milestone’ ages, during lifestage shifts and new year planning; career change; new leadership roles; self-identity questions;
  • Processing life-shocks and lifestyle disruptions, e.g. burnout, post-Covid adaptation, redundancy, health issues, relocation, relationship rupture;
  • Supporting employees through their personal experience of organisational change programmes: listening to inner resistance; understanding ‘status quo bias’; transforming tension into creative emergence and opportunity.


One of my areas of focus is helping people to become more integrated in their way of living and working.

These are the kinds of questions that people often bring to my coaching sessions:


  • I’m facing a particular challenge at the moment (e.g. related to health, work, relationships, finances).  What can I do to resolve this situation or to support myself more effectively through it?
  • I need to make some big changes in my life, but I’m feeling overwhelmed and stuck.  Where do I start and how do I move forward?
  • I’m feeling under pressure to make an important decision.  How can I consider all the options and make the best choice?
  • I’m not making enough progress with some specific goals I’ve set for myself.  Where am I going wrong? What would work better?
  • I worry that I’m not fulfilling my true potential.  How can I make my life/career more successful or meaningful?
  • I know I have much to be grateful for, but somehow it’s not enough and I feel empty.  Why am I feeling like this? 

Here are some more examples of client challenges I regularly work with and can help with.


Wellness and mindfulness

  • Managing/healing stress, anxiety, overwhelm, burnout, grief, sadness or anger
  • Practising self-care; fulfilling your personal and emotional needs 
  • Resolving long-standing ‘disorders’, e.g. compulsive thoughts and behaviours; unhealthy habits; traumatic experiences; extreme fear
  • Easing your physical ailments/pain by exploring underlying life issues and emotions
  • Reframing depression, anxiety and life crises as deep insights and potential breakthroughs
  • Developing an easier, more enriching meditation/mindfulness practice
  • Understanding the essence of ‘who you are’ and how to live in alignment with this
  • Letting go of legacy burdens – limiting beliefs, trauma and conditioning from previous generations



  • Dealing with stress, burnout, or disengagement
  • Developing more confidence, assertiveness and influence at work
  • Leading with purpose, presence, authenticity and adaptability
  • Managing your time, energy, workload and priorities more effectively
  • Setting boundaries and learning to say ‘no’ with grace and ease
  • Working with difficult colleagues; effective communication and conflict resolution
  • Creating opportunities for personal development and career progression
  • Negotiating promotions, pay rises, benefits and flexible practices
  • Managing job/career change; starting or growing a business on your own terms
  • Setting specific goals and strategies around current work challenges


General life challenges

  • Defining core purpose, values and needs to help shape your life choices
  • Finding the right balance between different commitments and interests in your life
  • Connecting with more empathy, honesty and effectiveness: with partners, children, family, friends
  • Moving through inner conflict and ‘stuckness’
  • Reforming extreme ‘internal managers’, e.g. Inner Critic, Perfectionist, People Pleaser, Procrastinator, Workaholic 
  • Tackling limiting beliefs about money and self-worth; gaining control over finances and spending
  • Decluttering your life or home/work environment