Client questions

Client questions

I work with all kinds of clients on all kinds of issues, ranging from:


  • Senior business leaders wanting to focus on work issues and opportunities

  • Small business creators wanting to manifest their purpose and vision

  • Mindfulness explorers wanting to find calmness and deeper understanding of themselves

  • Anyone wanting to resolve challenging feelings, e.g. anxiety, inner conflict or compulsions

These are the kinds of questions that people often bring to my Integrated Coaching sessions:


  • I’m facing a particular challenge at the moment (e.g. related to health, work, relationships, finances).  What can I do to resolve this situation or to support myself more effectively through it?

  • I’m feeling under pressure to make an important decision.  How can I weigh up all the options and make the best choice?

  • I’m not making enough progress with the goals I’ve set for myself.  Where am I going wrong? What would work better?

  • I worry that I’m not fulfilling my true potential.  How can I make my life/career more successful or meaningful?

  • I need to make some changes in my life, but I’m feeling overwhelmed and stuck.  Where do I start and how do I move forward? 

  • I know I have much to be grateful for, but somehow it’s not enough and I’m still not happy.  Why am I feeling like this? 

Here are some more examples of client challenges I regularly work with and can help with.


Wellness and mindfulness

  • Managing/healing stress, anxiety, overwhelm, burnout, grief, sadness or anger
  • Practising self-care; fulfilling your personal and emotional needs 
  • Resolving long-standing ‘disorders’, e.g. compulsive thoughts and behaviours; unhealthy habits; childhood trauma; extreme fear
  • Easing your physical ailments/pain by exploring underlying life issues and emotions
  • Reframing depression, anxiety and life crises as deep insights and potential breakthroughs
  • Developing an easier, more enriching meditation/mindfulness practice
  • Understanding the essence of ‘who you are’ and how to live in alignment with this
  • Letting go of legacy burdens – limiting beliefs, trauma and conditioning from previous generations


  • Developing more confidence, assertiveness and influence at work
  • Leading with purpose, presence and personal authenticity
  • Managing your time, energy, workload and priorities more effectively
  • Dealing with stress, frustration, burnout or boredom
  • Setting boundaries and learning to say ‘no’
  • Working with difficult colleagues; effective communication and conflict resolution
  • Creating opportunities for personal development and career progression
  • Negotiating promotions, pay rises, benefits and flexible practices
  • Managing job/career change; starting or growing a business on your own terms
  • Setting specific goals and strategies around current work/project challenges


General life challenges

  • Defining core purpose, values and needs to help shape your life choices
  • Finding the right balance between different commitments and interests in your life
  • Navigating important life transitions and changes (initiated by you or happening to you)
  • Connecting with more empathy, honesty and effectiveness: with partners, children, family, friends
  • Moving through inner conflict and indecision
  • Reforming extreme ‘internal managers’, e.g. Inner Critic, Perfectionist, People Pleaser, Procrastinator, Workaholic 
  • Tackling limiting beliefs about money and self-worth; gaining control over finances and spending
  • Decluttering your life or home/work environment

One of my particular areas of focus is helping people to become more integrated in their way of living and working.

I specialise in helping…

High-achieving professionals create a more balanced, self-supportive life

  • Protect against chronic stress and burnout
  • Set clear, accepted boundaries
  • Let go of excessive pressure imposed by ‘internal managers’ (e.g. Inner Critic, Pusher and Perfectionist)
  • Find new passion and purpose in work and life

Purpose-led changemakers turn their ideas into real progress

  • Set specific goals and timelines that translate long-term vision into short-term action
  • Create manageable step-by-step processes that align with core values and unique strengths
  • Find greater confidence, focus and motivation to stay on track and enjoy it too