I first approached Abhi when I was having a difficult time and felt I needed to re-evaluate my purpose and goals. Her calm presence put me at ease straight away. Abhi has a wonderful way of giving you space to explore whilst listening attentively and providing the necessary guidance and reflective exercises. Her compassionate approach unlocked so many opportunities for me. Since my first few sessions with her, my life has truly flourished. I have found the perfect job, most loving relationship and made progress towards making my dream come true. Abhi and her unique coaching practice has acted as a catalyst in my life. I feel super-grateful to have found her.

Alexia Anghelakou

Business Analyst

From first meeting Abhiyana, I had a sense of peace and confidence in her. The sessions have been full of grace and ease, even when looking at painful parts of me. I feel so safe with her and I feel that she is very balanced in herself and that I am in wonderful hands. I really recommend her. While I’m going through so much change at the moment, this work is proving invaluable.

Heather Hawthorn

Post-Partum Carer & Healer

The only way I can describe my sessions with Abhi is “nothing short of magic”. I arrive uncertain of what I want to work on, we start talking, and within 30 minutes we are able to identify and map out what’s really on my mind. Through her method, she manages to miraculously bring to the surface the most pressing issues and dilemmas requiring attention. This work seems to have a profound effect on how I deal with situations. Thank you, Abhi!


Project Manager & Consultant

My session with Abhi was deep and insightful in a totally unexpected way. Abhi is professional, relaxed and understanding, and she was extremely sensitive and intuitive to the issue that came up. I felt she skilfully guided the session and kept it focused while allowing me plenty of time and space to explore all aspects of the inner voice that was ready to be heard. I left feeling we had completed a valuable process, having revealed a hidden pattern and need in me, which then softened its hold on me.

Helen Thatcher

Therapist & Cuddle Practitioner

I find Abhi to be a particularly inspiring role model. It is rare to find such a high achiever who also values and fully embraces work-life balance. Moreover, she strikes a balance between being very innovative but also understanding the importance of solid execution. She can see the big ideas and transformations, and then suggests a practical roadmap to get there. This approach – measured steps to big innovative ideas – ensures the greatest chance for success and learning along the way.

Chris Hloros

Business Director

I worked with Abhi at a point when I needed extra support to explore something I couldn’t reach alone. I felt at ease to open up as I felt ‘held’ within the process. It’s important for me to feel I am participating in the process too, and I appreciated the balance between the questions posed by Abhi and the space for me to get in touch within and find my answers. A deep work, conducted with gentleness – thank you.


Energy Practitioner

I really enjoyed my sessions with Abhiyana. Her approach is gentle yet deep, and it was very interesting to see the changes in my daily life after addressing some issues and emotions during our sessions. I have been re-inspired by life and all the things I have already achieved. I am now looking forward to discovering what lies ahead, and I am very grateful for Abhiyana’s help and guidance.


Business Owner & Managing Director

360-degree feedback from colleagues for senior management role, New York City

Abhi is approachable, friendly, unintimidating, but at the same time completely professional in her role. She strikes a perfect balance between standing up for you and helping you to be better. An excellent people leader.

Abhi is open, direct and straight-talking, which is refreshing! But also a very warm, kind person to work with.

I love how Abhi welcomes the chance to work through problems together, to gain input and find new and better ways of working and solving client needs. She is incredibly valuable to me in this regard.

Abhi truly supports her team and looks out for them. She is a trusted advisor for those she works with.

In my experience working with Abhi, she always clearly defines goals and expectations and then she makes sure the vision is achieved through proper coaching and guidance of the team, but doesn’t micromanage. I appreciate the way she fosters a sense of teamwork and camaraderie.